How to wash vertical blind


Most made to measure new style vertical fabrics can easily be wiped down with a clean damp cloth.

The best thanks to clean the material is to unclip the chain at the underside of the strip of cloth you which ones to wash so unhook it from the rail.

Place the material on a clean flat surface and wipe clean with a humid cloth. this might be done why the material is hanging on the rail but you run the chance of creasing the material.

After cleaning the material simply hang it back on the rail and reconnect the underside chain.

First a word of warning please ensure the material you've got is really mechanically cleanable (check together with your blind supplier)

Remove the underside chain from each side of the vertical blind louvres while they're still hanging at the window.
Remove the weights within the bottom of the vertical blind louvres
Unclip the material from the rail
Remove the plastic hanger from the highest of the material
The fabric should now be freed from of the other parts and is now ready for the following step.

Roll each strip of material into a cylinder shape, using the massive bottom pocket as a guide and so secure the material with a loose fitting rubber band.
Once you've got repeated this for all of the strips of cloth place them in a very pillow case.
Wash they at about 35-40 degrees or less and NOT SPIN DRYING
Now the material has been washed it needs time to dry.

Place a towel on the window sill where the blind parts you've got just cleaned is fitted.
Put the plastic hanger within the top pocket of every strip of material.
Rehang the material back onto the rail
Refit the underside weights and chain to the underside of the louvres
Allow the material to dry naturally.
This process of cleaning your vertical blind slats fabric can seriously damage the material if isn't a mechanically washable fabric. So please watch out.

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