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Roller Blind Chain - No.10 Bead Size: 4.5mm + Free Connector

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  1. Enhance Your Blinds with Deluxe Double Bead White Roller/Roman Blind Beaded Chain

Upgrade the performance and aesthetics of your blinds with our Deluxe Double Bead White Roller/Roman Blind Beaded Chain. Featuring an approximate 2mm gap between beads and a 4.5mm diameter, this chain ensures smoother operation of your blinds, providing a seamless and stylish solution for your window treatments.

  1. Effortless Operation with No. 10 Operating Chain

Experience effortless blind operation with our Deluxe Double Bead Chain, also known as the No. 10 operating chain. The precision design and durable construction guarantee a smooth and reliable performance, making it a perfect replacement for tired, worn, or broken ball chains on roller blinds.

  1. Customizable Length for Easy Installation

Easily cut the chain to your desired length with scissors, ensuring a perfect fit for your windows. Securing the clips is a breeze – simply press them firmly with your fingers or use flat pliers for added convenience. With just a pair of scissors, a flat head screwdriver, and possibly flat-nosed pliers, you can effortlessly replace your existing chain for a renewed and functional window treatment.

  1. Durable and Stylish Solution for Your Home

Crafted with durability in mind, our Deluxe Double Bead Chain not only ensures the longevity of your blinds but also adds a touch of elegance to your living space. Replace your old chain today and enjoy the improved functionality and aesthetics of your roller or Roman blinds. Order now and give your windows the upgrade they deserve!

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